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First Original

Inventors of the original 3D jigsaw puzzle concept in 1991: foam-backed puzzle pieces and tenon and mortises technology. 30+ years of experience propels us to the forefront of the 3D puzzle world.

Proudly made in North America

Made in Canada ensuring the best quality of workmanship and design. Produced in a Just-In-Time facility to provide a timely delivery at low cost.

Unique technology

Foam-backed puzzle pieces combined with tenon and mortises technology provides a sturdy and strong design.

Sturdiest puzzles

No fear of your 3D jigsaw puzzle collapsing when lifted: tenon and mortises technology locks the foam-backed puzzle pieces firmly in place. No glue required. Period.

Step by step assembly

Enhance your puzzling experience further: colour instructions filled with helpful features are available online for the best assembly experience.

Explore from all angles

Scan QR code on the back of the box to showcase the complete overview of the puzzle. Perfect for an in-store marketing tool as well as an assembly tip for consumers.

Beyond the puzzle

Dive deeper into your 3D jigsaw puzzle with interesting facts about the history, architecture, illustration details and more.

Customer Service
Accessible support

State of the art online customer service to ensure the best possible puzzling experience.

Highly Detailed Illustrations

Pristine graphics and illustrations bring your puzzle to life. Fun references and easter eggs hidden throughout create an immersive puzzling experience.

Right for you

Discover why we’re the ideal business partner

Logistics hubs

Puzzles are shipped from Montreal, QC, Canada; Champlain, NY, United States and Antwerp, AN, Belgium, providing quick access to stock.


Orders are produced and processed in our Just-in-Time facility in Montreal and shipped within 10 working days.

Built-up models

To wow your consumers, an assembled 3D puzzle goes a long way! That’s why we offer Partially Assembled Demos (PAD) to assemble a 3D puzzle quickly (~20-60min) without the puzzling step.

In-Store displays

Let the display do the magic for you! This cardboard floor display presents the 5 Diagon Alley Collection products with a major advantage: a built-up unit of the Weasley Wizard Wheezes protected by a plexiglass.

Eco-friendly packaging

To reduce our footprint on the environment, our boxes are made of recycled cardboard. They are secured by stickers on both sides, ensuring no shrink wrap or plastic bag are needed.

Marketing tools at your fingertips

QR codes printed directly on the back of the box provide additional content to retailers and consumers (360 view videos, Teasers,
Interactive instructions, etc…)



Download everything you need to list our products on your website
Image bank of logos and 3D puzzles for WEB and PRINT, list of YouTube videos’ links and more.

Customer Service

Both retailers and puzzlers can benefit from our state-of-the-art customer service.

Retailer Assistance

From orders to marketing tools, our team is there to assist you.
Don’t be shy! Hit us up.

Premium Puzzler Support

Our Customer Service covers everything a puzzler needs to get the best puzzling experience.
– Interactive and coloured instructions online
– Free replacement of lost pieces
– Resources hub
– Assembly help and more

Social Media

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