YOUR DATAS adheres to highest possible standards with respect to security and management of data to protect a user against loss or unauthorized use of its information, such as information provided to complete a purchase on site as well as for processing credit card payment. servers use the most recent technologies relating to transmission of information (“Secure Socket Layers” SSL), similar to the ones used by major canadian banks.

Such security services and certificates are provided by ZeroSSL, a competent specialist in the digital services and data protection in the computer industry (

All personal data provided by a user are encrypted by SSL, which renders its reading / access impossible during internet transfer. No information concerning an order, including your name, address, and credit card numbers are circulating openly via (over the) Internet.

All payment transactions on this Site are processed through the credit card service provider Global Payment, who abides and respects PCI DSS norms and security standards.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) translates to the norms and security standards to data applicable to the credit card payment industry. Managed and enforced by the PCI Security Standards Council, the PCI DSS requirements aims to reduce online / internet fraud and ensure that EVERY company accepting, fulfilling, processing, keeping and transmitting credit card information is maintaining a safe environment.

( ) servers are protected by firewall technologies. equipment is maintained and updated regularly with up-to-date and available technologies in order to ensure that users may, at all times, complete secured transactions on


Notwithstanding the above measures, no security mechanism is perfect at 100 %. There is also a certain level of risk in which personal information may be divulged or accessed by an unauthorized or fraudulent person further to acts of computer hacking without any fault from / by and without your consent. declines any liability in case of an act of piracy and / or for the fact that user confidential information be divulged or accessed , except in case of negligence by / from UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE shall, Wrebbit Puzzles Inc., its directors, officers or employees, be held responsible / liable nor blamed for any damage or loss that could affect or be sustained by a user of site.

However, for your security, no credit card information is kept or maintained on servers.  If you are generally concerned over confidentiality and use of your credit card information on Internet, please do not place and complete an order on our site reserves the right to modify and amend the present policy at any given time. reserves the right to transmit personal information if would be obliged to do so by law or as required by a competent authority. site may unfortunately be affected by occasional breakdowns or by programming errors which may be due to updates or other events or situations outside our control.