Enjoy our 3D puzzles made of original foam-backed pieces!

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See all 3D puzzles

Titanic, the name that has been ingrained into our collective memory. Cruise along an historical and unforgettable journey by assembling this 420-piece Wrebbit 3D Jigsaw Puzzle.

The spectacular Wrebbit 3D Puzzle Hogwarts is getting bigger! Enjoy the brand new Clock Tower that can be connected to Great Hall and Astronomy Tower.

Step into the everyday doings of Downton Abbey’s nobles and servants with this exclusive 890-piece collector’s 3D jigsaw puzzle. Welcome to Downton Abbey. We’ve been expecting you.

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Bring this HBO series to life with Wrebbit 3D's Game of Thrones 3D jigsaw puzzles to build, display and collect.

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See all 3D puzzles

Pay tribute to an architectural masterpiece when you assemble Notre-Dame de Paris 3D jigsaw puzzle. A new challenge and one of the must-haves of our Castles & Cathedrals collection.

Tips and Tricks


Separate out your 3D puzzle pieces into many piles, for instance, by colour and design.


Let the fun begin! Piece those piles into flat sections, just like a regular jigsaw puzzle. See? It’s easy!

Go 3D!

Now you’re ready to get those flat surfaces standing up together with the help of your puzzle instructions.