Grab your proton pack, you'll need it!

New Wrebbit 3D Puzzle Coming Soon!!!

The one with the Wrebbit 3D jigsaw puzzle.

Walk down memory lane and discover a brand new episode of the Friends TV Series: Central Perk 3D puzzle!

Titanic, the name that has been ingrained into our collective memory.

Cruise along an historical and unforgettable journey by assembling this 440-piece Wrebbit 3D jigsaw puzzle.

Enjoy our new addition; the 420-piece Clock Tower can be connected to Great Hall and Astronomy Tower. The spectacular Wrebbit 3D jigsaw puzzle Hogwarts is getting bigger!

A decade of Thrones!

The Red Keep or Winterfell? The choice is yours with these exclusive Wrebbit 3D jigsaw puzzles from the much‑acclaimed HBO series!

Tips and Tricks


Separate out your 3D puzzle pieces into many piles, for instance, by colour and design.


Let the fun begin! Piece those piles into flat sections, just like a regular jigsaw puzzle. See? It’s easy!

Go 3D!

Now you’re ready to get those flat surfaces standing up together with the help of your puzzle instructions.