Foam-backed 3D puzzles

Find the only original foam-backed 3D puzzles at Wrebbit 3D! Build Hogwarts and the magical world of Harry Potter, castles from Game of Thrones series, Downton Abbey, the Eiffel Tower and many more of the world’s most marvelous monuments!

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See all 3D puzzles

Build the awe-inspiring Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral that is contemplated by millions of visitors from all over the world. Like the famous characters from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, you will certainly succumb to the cathedral’s charm!

For our fifth year at SPIEL, we're going virtual! Come visit Wrebbit 3D in our brand new virtual booth at Spiel Digital and participate in fun activities.

These 3D puzzles from the magical world of Harry Potter™ are detailed replicas of all the favourites of this famous series. So much fun to assemble, admire and collect!

Step into the everyday doings of Downton Abbey’s nobles and servants with this exclusive 890-piece collector’s 3D puzzle. Welcome to Downton Abbey. We’ve been expecting you.

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Bring this HBO series to life with Wrebbit 3D's Game of Thrones 3D puzzles to build, display and collect.

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Tips and Tricks


Separate out your 3D puzzle pieces into many piles, for instance, by colour and design.


Let the fun begin! Piece those piles into flat sections, just like a regular jigsaw puzzle. See? It’s easy!

Go 3D!

Now you’re ready to get those flat surfaces standing up together with the help of your puzzle instructions.