King Arthur’s Camelot

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King Arthur's Camelot


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16.5'' x 12.75'' x 13.75''
42 x 32,25 x 35 cm
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Step into the magical netherworlds of medieval lore to earn your knighthood assembling this 865-piece original creation of the revered Camelot. As you assemble decide for yourself: is the legend real or imagined?

This Camelot 3D jigsaw puzzle castle is a stand-alone collector’s piece of medieval glory that is sure to please the most chivalrous and gallant of puzzlers. Like Arthur, roll up your sleeves and seek counsel at the Round Table, joust and assemble your pieces with Lancelot and when the work is done, admire the beauty of your puzzle kingdom, as if Guenevere really were at your side. King Arthur’s Camelot 3D jigsaw puzzle is one of the splendid models in our Castles & Cathedrals Collection.

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