Midtown West

New York Collection

Midtown West

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12.25" x 15.25" x 19.5"
31 x 38,75 x 49,5 cm
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Typical Manhattan gray-stone architecture, familiar American landmarks—the Empire State! Rockefeller’s GE Building!—and intricate real-life details of the daily Midtown hubbub make this puzzle a must for Big Apple aficionados and all puzzlers looking to roll up their sleeves for a truly satisfying 3D jigsaw puzzle challenge!

The Midtown West 3D jigsaw puzzle is one of four modules in the New York collection. This collector’s puzzle can stand alone or be joined with our other New York City icons. Combine all four for the largest 3D puzzle ever made, a 3,575-piece salute to one of North America’s greatest cities. Piece together Manhattan for a striking display of your puzzling talents.

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