Space Shuttle – Orbiter

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Space Shuttle – Orbiter

3, 2, 1, take off! Make this 435-piece 3D jigsaw puzzle of the beloved Orbiter space shuttle land in your home. The thrills of scientific exploration, international cooperation and the promise of the ultimate frontier will be yours when you build this Wrebbit 3D puzzle replica. One of our more accessible 3D puzzles for a fun family experience.

The Orbiter Space Shuttle 3D jigsaw puzzle is one of eight models in our Classics collection, which features well-known monuments of architecture and international feats of engineering. Proudly display this 3D puzzle as a show of your talents and achievement, and go on to enjoy the collection’s other Wrebbit 3D puzzle replicas of revered world wonders.

45,75 cm x 29,25 cm x 20,25 cm
18" x 11.5" x 8"
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