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Cruise along an historical journey from Southampton to New York by assembling this 440-piece 3D jigsaw puzzle of the unforgettable RMS Titanic! One of three Olympic-class ocean liners, its size and luxury placed it at the forefront of transatlantic passenger transportation before the tragic collision with an iceberg in 1912 on its maiden voyage. Piece by piece, raise this archetypal ship from the depths of the past and reclaim its intended glory!

The Titanic 3D jigsaw puzzle is one of the wonderful models in our Classics collection, which features well-known architectural masterpieces and feats of engineering from the world over. Proudly display this 3D puzzle as a show of your talents and achievement, and go on to enjoy the collection’s other 3D puzzle replicas of revered world wonders.





77 x 7,5 x 14 cm
30.25" x 3" x 5.5"
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