New Product: Ecto-1


Unleash Your Inner Ghostbuster with Wrebbit3D’s Ecto-1 Jigsaw Puzzle!  

Calling all Ghostbusters fans! Are you ready to embark on a spine-tingling adventure piecing together one of the most iconic movie vehicles of all time? Look no further than Wrebbit3D’s Ecto-1 Ghostbusters jigsaw puzzle. This 280-piece puzzle offers a thrilling and immersive experience that allows you to recreate the legendary Ecto-1 in stunning detail. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of Wrebbit3D’s Ecto-1 jigsaw puzzle and compare it to the actual movie car that captured the hearts of millions. 

Capturing the Essence of the Ecto-1 

The Ecto-1, a converted 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor, became an instant pop culture icon when it first appeared in the Ghostbusters movie in 1984. Wrebbit3D’s attention to detail is truly commendable, our designers have perfectly captured the spirit of this beloved vehicle in a 280-piece puzzle form. From the roof racks, sirens and the Ghostbusters logo to the sleek lines of the car’s body, every aspect of the Ecto-1 has been reproduced. As you piece together the puzzle, you’ll feel like you are a part of the Ghostbusters team, preparing for a paranormal adventure! We have even hidden some interesting “passengers” on the puzzle’s design.  

Immerse Yourself in the Real 3D Puzzle Process 

Building the Ecto-1 jigsaw puzzle is not just about completing the task; it’s an experience that transports you to the world of Ghostbusters. Each foam-backed puzzle piece interlocks seamlessly, providing a sturdy foundation and easily fits on any shelf. The puzzle’s 3D design adds an extra layer of depth, allowing you to appreciate the details of Ecto-1. As you puzzle on, you’ll go from flat puzzle section to a three-dimensional masterpiece that you can proudly display. We take the fun to a new level by offering interactive instructions, how-to-videos and some interesting tips & tricks. 


A Nod to the Movie Car’s Features 

One of the fascinating aspects of the Ecto-1 puzzle is its attention to the movie car’s unique features. Wrebbit3D has gone above and beyond to include every detail that Ghostbusters enthusiasts will appreciate. From the rear exhaust system and the Ecto-Containment Unit on the roof and even the ghost-capturing equipment, no aspect of the Ecto-1 has been overlooked. The puzzle truly pays homage to the original car, making it a must-have for any die-hard Ghostbusters fan. 

A Collaborative and Rewarding Experience 

Not only is the Ecto-1 jigsaw puzzle a fantastic solo activity, but it can also be a collaborative experience.  Gather your fellow Ghostbusters buffs, family, or friends to work together in assembling a piece of movie magic. The satisfaction of seeing this puzzle come together is not only rewarding, but a great way to bond, create lasting memories, and showcase your collective appreciation for the Ghostbusters franchise.  

Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night; experiencing feelings of dread in your basement or attic or feel the need to build a 3D puzzle? Don’t wait another minute. Pick up the phone and call the original 3D puzzle inventors… Wrebbit3D! (Or go to your favorite retail store) 

Wrebbit3D’s Ghostbusters Ecto-1 is more than just a puzzle; it is a gateway to reliving magic and excitement of the Ghostbusters universe. With its exceptional attention to detail and dedication to replicating the iconic movie car, Wrebbit3D aims at creating the Real 3D experience enjoyable for both the casual and devoted fan alike. So, grab your proton pack, put on the jumpsuit, and get ready to embark on supernatural adventure like no other!