New Product: Le Chateau Frontenac


Wrebbit3D’s Chateau Frontenac 865-piece puzzle is a stunning tribute to one of Quebec’s most iconic landmarks. Wrebbit3D being a Quebec-owned business, felt it fitting to celebrate our 30th anniversary of the invention of the 3D puzzle by paying homage to this famous hotel that sits above the Cap Diamant overlooking the St Lawrence River. 

A Picturesque landmark brought to life in 3D 

The Chateau Frontenac is a hotel located in Quebec City, Canada, and is one of the most photographed and recognizable landmarks in the world. The hotel has a rich history, having been built in 1893 as a part of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s chain of luxury hotels. It has been the backdrop of many an event. The Chateau Frontenac has played host to its share of famous guests, including Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Princess Grace of Monaco. It has also notably been featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1953 movie “I Confess”; a location personally scouted by the director. Recently, the blockbuster Korean series “Goblin” made Old Quebec’s Lowertown and the Chateau Frontenac one of its main filming locations.  

Details to inspire the true architect and historian 

The puzzle is a true work of art, featuring captivating details that enhance the hotel’s unique architecture and style. Its steep pitched roofs, circular towers, ornate gables and dormers are the attributes added to the puzzle. Any architectural/history buff will surely appreciate its precision. The jigsaw puzzle’s 865 pieces come together to form a 3D replica of the Chateau Frontenac that is both impressive and challenging to build. Standing at 11.5 inches tall (29 cm), it will undoubtably be the centerpiece of any room in which you wish to display it! The unique foam-backed technology developed by Wrebbit and the real 3D experience brings its grandeur to the level it deserves.  

A memorable “wink” to the Wrebbit team  

What also sets this puzzle apart is the featured photos of Wrebbit’s own team of employees. The images are included within the puzzle’s design, adding a personal touch and giving a nod to the importance of teamwork.  It is a testament to the company’s dedication to the local community and its employees, all while adding a unique and special element to the puzzle. 

Wrebbit3D’s tribute to both an iconic castle and city 

Putting together the Chateau Frontenac puzzle is not just a satisfying challenge, but it is also a journey through history and architecture. The puzzle’s intricate design captures the essence of the hotel and its surroundings, transporting puzzlers to a different time and place. Our interactive instructions and tips & tricks developed by our design team will serve as a guide towards completing your very own piece of history. 

Wrebbit3D rendered all the splendor of its châteauesque architectural style, partly inspired by medieval castles in France’s Loire Valley, with this 865-piece master recreation of the Chateau Frontenac. Give it your very own special place in your home.