New Release: Golden Hall, Edoras


Nestled in the heart of Middle Earth lies the majestic Golden Hall, also known as Meduseld, the seat of power for the Kings of Rohan.  Wrebbit3D brings this mythical building to life for every fan of LOTR and the Peter Jackson movies by New Line Cinema.  

The Golden Hall 3D jigsaw puzzle is Wrebbit3D’s journey to Middle Earth, with 445 pieces expertly crafted to depict the grandeur and majesty of this magnificent structure. The 3D jigsaw puzzle is perfect for both avid collectors and casual enthusiasts alike, as it provides a satisfying challenge in its assembly while still appealing to fans of the movies who are simply looking to add a unique and eye-catching piece to their collection. 

Upon opening the puzzle box, the discerning fan will be entranced by the intricacy of the design on each of the 445 pieces of the puzzle. Each piece is made from high-quality foam-backing technology that is both sturdy and easy to manipulate during assembly.  

One of the unique features of this puzzle is the incredible amount of detail that has gone into the design. The Golden Hall, carved out of wood, is brought to life in striking detail with its arched windows, pointed roof and painstakingly created woodgrain. The intricate wooden carvings and the patterns etched into the wood panels are easily distinguishable once the puzzle is assembled.  

But perhaps the most impressive part of the puzzle is the level of accuracy with which Wrebbit has managed to capture the look and feel of the Golden Hall. From the expansive entrance to the intricate arches and the towering beams of wood, the puzzle truly captures the essence of this iconic location in Middle Earth. You’ll relive the epic adventure of Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli in the world imagined by J.R.R. Tolkien. 

Shrouded in myth and legend, the Golden Hall is an unforgettable setting that is immortalised in both the book and the movie versions of The Lord of the Rings. It is, therefore, particularly special to see this memorable location recreated as a 3D jigsaw puzzle with every detail coming to life thanks to Wrebbit’s talented designers and the high quality of materials.  

Interactive instructions, 360° view videos and step by step guidance all created by Wrebbit3D to enhance the real 3D experience!  

Another great feature of the Golden Hall puzzle is that once it is assembled, it can easily be displayed to complement other Lord of the Rings collectibles. The finished product measures 14.5 x 12″ x 6.7″, making it the perfect addition to any collection. Whether placed on a shelf, a bookcase or displayed in your movie room, the Golden Hall is sure to impress any visitor to your home. 

In a world that is increasingly digitalised, it’s refreshing to see that a classic pastime such as a 3D jigsaw puzzle is still popular, especially when it comes to iconic locations like the Golden Hall. By choosing to create a 3D puzzle of the Golden Hall, Wrebbit has not only allowed fans of The Lord of the Rings franchise to reconnect with Middle Earth in a tactile and engaging way but has also created a unique and exciting way to enjoy family time!