Harry Potter Hagrid's Hut

New release : Hagrid’s Hut


The world of Harry Potter is filled with so many beautiful locations, awe-inspiring buildings and characters that we love and cherish; they all hold a special place in our hearts. Thanks to strong and meaningful relationships, these characters rely on each other, helping them to strive and grow.

Take a moment and ask yourself: What would Harry, Ron and Hermione do without their faithful friend Hagrid, Hogwarts’ gamekeeper and breeder of magical creatures? Hagrid is a massive character (figuratively and literally!) in this magical story, and that’s why we’ve just created Hagrid’s Hut 3D puzzle, adding it to our growing Harry Potter collection amid Hogwarts Castle, The Burrow and Diagon Alley to name a few.

Hagrid’s Hut 3D jigsaw puzzle as been really fun to design for us, mainly due to it’s particular shapes and natural colours. As with all other 3D puzzles we make, special attention has been taken to ensure the illustrations are as detailed and pristine as they can be. This highlights layers of depth and dimension during the whole assembly process, from single pieces to the masterful display. Make sure to find the right place in your home to showcase your proud 3D accomplishment!

This 270-piece Hagrid’s Hut 3D jigsaw puzzle has many interesting features like Rubeus Hagrid’s motorbike, his faithful oversized boardhound companion Fang, as well as other fantastic beasts and charming details. With its colourful pieces, it’s the perfect 3D jigsaw puzzle for adults and teens, muggles and wizards, puzzlers and hobbyists looking for a delightful adventure inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Happy puzzling!