Finger browsing wrebbit 3d puzzle new website on tablet on table

New website : more than a new look


We had to do it. It was past time. So we did. We made a brand new website.

We had our website,, for 7 years. During those years, our focus was keeping you up-to-date regarding new products (The Knight Bus, King Arthur’s Camelot, New York – World Trade, etc…) and introducing our new collections (Urbania, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, etc…), along with having developed special projects (Eiffel 125th Anniversary World Tour, Coloured instructions). A few things were tweaked here and there, but we encountered some limitations with the old platform regarding improvements. So we decided it was time to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch.

Come to think of it, we’ve been working on this new website for a few years now, gathering ideas and interesting features alike. For the past few months, we’ve started the construction of the new website, shaping it to become what we had envisioned years before. We are really happy to tell you that phase 1 is completed, and excited to finally share it with you. Here’s a quick glance at some of the improvements we’ve made.

1. Welcome home

New website means a new appearance, a new look. We changed fonts, icons, images to highlight our essence. We feel at home on this new platform, and we hope you’ll feel the same way too.


2. Products are resource hubs

It seemed to us that all information relevant to a specific product should be on that specific product page, right ? Right. So when you search for a particular product, you’ll find high resolution images that you can zoom in to help build your 3D jigsaw puzzle ; assembly instructions (majority available in colour) and a link to what we sometimes refer to as our « domestic pet insurance » (say your cat had the brilliant idea to hide puzzle pieces somewhere in your home), our state of the art customer service that offers all the options to order a missing piece.


3. Responsive design

Yup. It’s done. No more pinch-to-zoom on tablets and mobiles. It is retired… for good. You will now experience the website in an adaptive format that will best suit the device you’re browsing on.


4. Resource menu

The second most important page after the products is the Resource menu, regrouping all the things you might need for the best 3D puzzle experience: Store locator, FAQ, Tips and Tricks, Instruction guides and Missing or Lost pieces form.


5. Tips and tricks

We’ve added this new page to enhance your puzzling sessions. Currently, you’ll find the basic steps on how to assemble a 3D puzzle and for all you visual folks. a video (available in multiple languages) with the same information. And that’s only the beginning ! For your benefit, we’ll add additional tips and tricks that we’ve developed with the years of experience working with 3D puzzles. Have your own special trick during your 3D jigsaw puzzle sessions ? Share it with us, and we might add it here for the interest of other puzzlers. We’re all in it together after all !


6. Suggestions funnel

Over the past few years, we’ve received a lot of suggestions for new 3D jigsaw puzzle designs. We always add them to our suggestion list so we can consider them during our brainstorm and designing sessions. On our new contact form, you’ll find the specific subject « Suggestions » to help you share all your cool ideas with us.


These are just a few of the improvements we’ve made on the new website. Many of them are hidden behind this new look and you’ll probably never be directly aware of them, but will improve your experience. We’ve meticulously checked all pages twice, thrice, some even more to make sure everything was working properly. If you spot anything acting funny that could be improved, or just a nice feature you think would be nice and benefit your experience, drop us a line and we’ll check it out.

Now, it’s time to discover this new website on your own. Read, search, browse and, above all, enjoy !

Welcome home.