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New Product: Assassin’s Creed Unity Notre-Dame


Assassin’s Creed Unity Notre-Dame:  Brought to Life in 3D


Wrebbit3D’s Assassin’s Creed Unity Notre-Dame jigsaw puzzle is a true masterpiece for fans of the popular Ubisoft video game series. Not only does it feature a stunning 3D replica of the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris during the French revolution, but it also includes bonus pieces that showcase characters from the game. What an amazing way to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise!  

Video Play meets 3D Design 

The puzzle comes with 860 pieces, each carefully designed and crafted to create a captivating, detailed model of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. The puzzle is made from high-quality foam-backed pieces, which ensures that they are sturdy and easy to assemble. We have also designed interactive instructions along with some interesting features that every Assassin’s Creed fan will appreciate. Take a look inside the halls, discover fascinating facts about the cathedral and the tie-in to the Ubisoft video game while listening to the official video game music. A myriad of enchanting facts about Notre-Dame and the Ubisoft game alike. 

What brings this 3D puzzle to another level is the extra pieces that are included. These pieces feature characters from the Assassin’s Creed Unity video game, such as protagonist Arno Dorian and his love interest Elise De La Serre. These pieces are not only a fun addition for fans of the game, but they also add to the overall design of the puzzle.  

AC characters

An Ode to Visual Storytelling 

The attention to detail in the puzzle is truly remarkable. From the intricate carvings on the cathedral to the in-game characters; everything is meticulously crafted including many hidden easter eggs. It’s almost as if the puzzle has brought the world of Assassin’s Creed Unity to life in 3D. Fully assembled, it measures 22 x 10 x 14.5 inches and can be displayed effortlessly. 

Assembling the puzzle is not only an enjoyable and engaging activity, but it also serves as a reminder of the beauty and history of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. The cathedral suffered a devastating fire in 2019, and this puzzle allows fans to pay tribute to this iconic landmark and the skilled craftsmen who built it. 

An indispensable addition for any AC Unity fan 

Wrebbit3D’s Assassin’s Creed Unity Notre-Dame 860-piece jigsaw puzzle is a must-have for fans of the video game series and anyone who admires beautiful architecture and historical landmarks. The extra pieces featuring characters from the game are a fun addition that adds to the overall design of the puzzle. Assembling it is an interesting and rewarding experience that will leave you in awe of the Notre-Dame Cathedral’s beauty and complexity. 

Wrebbit3D is the Real 3D puzzle experience!  

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New Release: Batmobile 


In a world where superhero movies are a dime a dozen, it takes something truly special to capture the attention of fans. That’s exactly what we’ve done at Wrebbit3D with our latest release of the new Batmobile 3D jigsaw puzzle, inspired by the classic 1989 and 1992 Batman movies.  

Wrebbit 3D’s Batmobile jigsaw puzzle features 255 pieces that, when assembled, create a stunning 3D replica of the iconic vehicle. The puzzle is designed for all fans ages 12 and up and is a great way to accessorize your Batman Universe!  

Each puzzle is made from an unparalleled foam-backing technology invented by us at Wrebbit3D more than 30 years ago, that provides snug, tight-fitting pieces and easy to handle. Alone in its class, its sturdy design eliminated the need for glue to keep this masterpiece displayed anywhere!  

The legendary status of the Batmobile from the classic 1989 and 1992 Batman movies, featuring Michael Keaton, leaves no doubt as to why it will be making its return in the 2023 summer movie The Flash. Wrebbit3D’s new jigsaw puzzle is the perfect way for fans to get in on the action!  

Return to the big screen!  

Not only is the excitement and anticipation of Batmobile’s appearance in the movie fueled by assembling the puzzle, fans are also given a unique look at the famed vehicle up close! It features a sleek black design with distinguishable accents such as the bat-shaped hood ornament, twin turbines and tail fins. Fans can appreciate the intricate details depicted by our Wrebbit3D’s puzzle and every characteristic of this armored pursuit vehicle. This 3D jigsaw puzzle is not only a fun and challenging activity, but it’s also a great way to celebrate the rich history of Batman and his iconic vehicles.  

Batmobile 4-tiles

The Batmobile has gone through numerous redesigns and variations over the years, but the version from the classic 1989 and 1992 Batman movies remains one of the most beloved. Wrebbit3D’s Batmobile jigsaw puzzle is a testament to the enduring popularity of this vehicle and the impact that the classic 1989 Batman movie has had on pop culture. 

The Batmobile is an integral part of the Batman mythos and fans will always be eager to get their hands on their very own version of this popular vehicle…We at Wrebbit3D have captured the very essence of the Dark Knight’s ally.  

The Real 3D Puzzle Experience 

Wrebbit3D believes in being the Real 3D experience and what better way to enhance this experience with foam backed pieces, by creating interactive instructions, step by step guidance, as well as 360 view videos of your puzzle. Lose a piece? Your pet made a gourmet meal of it? No problem…We at Wrebbit3D have a dedicated customer service ready to send you replacement pieces free of charge. 

Who are we?  Wrebbit3D is a Canadian-based company that specializes in creating 3D jigsaw puzzles of iconic buildings and vehicles from pop culture for more than 30 years. Wrebbit3D jigsaw puzzles are incredibly detailed and challenging, making them the perfect gift for puzzle enthusiasts and pop culture fans alike. 

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New Release: Friends Central Perk

Central Perk | Friends | Wrebbit 3D Puzzle | New Release

Sometimes TV shows can have a big impact on our lives. Saying that about the hit TV series Friends feels like a huge understatement. There was something about that mix of writers, cast and crew that created something deeply compelling and truly special embraced by millions of viewers around the world since it first aired. Us included. That’s why we were driven and inspired by the same fondness so many passionate fans share to create a quality piece of memorabilia to keep your “Friends” close.

So gather your roommates and long time buddies around the kitchen table; it’s time to build the brand new 440-piece 3D jigsaw puzzle of Central Perk! Directly inspired from the hit TV series Friends, assemble the popular fictional New York coffee shop and the apartments where Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Chandler Bing, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani and Phoebe Buffay lived and got together.

Reminisce about the best moments from Friends as you assemble this 3D jigsaw puzzle thanks to multiple references we’ve hidden here. Do you think you will be able to identify them all? Be warned that smirks and smiles may occur as you discover them one by one. Take your time and revisit this iconic establishment that feels like a second home, even an extended family for so many of us. Create your very Friends special episode: The One With The 3D Jigsaw Puzzle. A splendid addition to every Friends fan’s collection.

Happy Puzzling!